tamarack larch

Most of our leaves have fallen from the trees and lie scattered on the ground. You would think that would limit our color and it does, but we benefit from the golden tamaracks. Tamaracks are coniferous and deciduous trees, meaning that they bears cones and lose their needles. (More Tamarack information here.) Before their needles fall, they turn a most luxuriant gold and truly shine!

I took this photograph of tamaracks at Itasca State Park, about 35 miles from my house, which marks the first time I’ve posted a photograph that wasn’t taken where I live. Tamaracks are so lovely, I thought you’d understand.

Until next time,

Keep Smiling! ๐Ÿ™‚


6 Responses to “tamarack larch”

  1. Beautiful picture

  2. Such a lovely scene! We don’t have Tamaracks near us, but we see them as we travel to the homes of our married children, and they certainly brighten the autumn landscape. We have Poplars near our summer cabin that shine a brilliant yellow in the fall. I love the colour!

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