This year, I had a landmark birthday. To creatively document it, I turned to photography as I will do. I wanted to do something different. If you know me at all, you know that’s typical. šŸ™‚ I decided to photograph reflections for a two week period, beginning one week before my birthday. In this image, I found the reflections of the leaf in the water droplets irresistible. Nature has little jewels everywhere, if we only look!

Keep Living!

If you’d like to see the rest of the images in the “reflections on fifty” collection, they can be viewed here (Click on here)


4 Responses to “reflections”

  1. I had that “landmark” last year. I have found the way it affected me to be interesting and it is still rippling out (just applied to university so that’s an example….). I love, love, love this photo and looking through your photos, I especially love the dragonfly one.
    HAPPY, HAPPY and enjoy the adventures ahead.

    • Thanks for the lovely comments, Paula! I find it amazing that as I age, I become more who I knew I was the whole time. I’m being strengthened in who I am I guess! It’s been an amazing adventure so far!

  2. The water drops look so dense and solid šŸ˜€
    Cute and beautiful!

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