a beautiful friend

One place you are likely to find me on a day off from work is on our deck with a journal, books, and my camera. Friday morning was no different and the photographic opportunities I met were a delight!

Hummingbirds are a pleasure to behold. Usually, I hear their wings before I ever see them. In years past, they have viewed my deck time with displeasure. They are fine while I sit happily watching them visit our flowers or resting on a branch in distant trees, but as soon as I’d raise my camera to capture their image, they were gone!

Two weeks ago an unusual event occurred. As I was sitting on the deck writing in my journal, I heard a hummingbird. I stopped writing, looked up and sat absolutely still. A hummingbird flew in front of me hovering, briefly, a short distance in front of me. Close, so very close that we made eye contact, then flew off. This last Friday it happened again. Instead of flying off, however, it flew to a nearby branch and rested. It is a most remarkable hummingbird. One that I feel actually likes me. One that is, indeed, a beautiful friend!


6 Responses to “a beautiful friend”

  1. This is great, good for you to be able to capture this .

  2. Wonderful capture! I’m thinking it’s maybe a female Ruby-throated hummer??? but I’ve never seen one. We have mostly the Rufous ones and like yours, they don’t sit still for very long. I’ve managed to catch a couple shots, but it’s rare for me to get one in focus!

  3. That’s a great photo. I have never seen them sit still for too long 🙂 Annie

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