the return

Last Tuesday, we arrived home to a smoke-filled woods and a message that an “out of control” wildfire was headed in our direction and we needed to evacuate! Being a warm, windy day, the fire spread quickly and in the end 7100 acres burned. (For more about the fire, click here.) So much gone so quickly. People’s life’s work gone in a flash.

I’m generally a thoughtful girl and this causes me to reevaluate and re-prioritize my life. Sitting awake glued to the radio listening for updates most of the night, the thing that mattered most, more than the dresses, the house and the photographs was that we were together. We were supporting one another through the ordeal.

They were able to stop the spread of the fire before it reached our woods, our home. We were able to return to our home seven years to the day after we first moved into it. I can honestly say, the woods never looked better!


2 Responses to “the return”

  1. Thank God everything turned out well

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