the cabin

This is my dream!

I call it the cabin, but it’s our house, our home. It’s where we live. It is small. That alone helps me identify what’s important. Space is limited. If I won’t make room for it, it’s just doesn’t matter.

Being in the woods…now that is important! This cabin, our little house is where I am happy!


7 Responses to “the cabin”

  1. You should have this picture framed, it is very nice.

  2. Your cabin/home is lovely, and obviously perfect for you. I love living among the trees. Our home is rural and the property well treed, but we are blessed to also have a ‘rustic’ 480 sq. ft. cabin in a remote area of our province. Although some of our family venture there for winter snowmobiling and snowshoeing holidays, I’ve rarely been there to see it covered in snow. Your place looks so picturesque… as Dorothy says, that’s a picture worth framing!

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Carol! Living in the woods is just amazing! It’s beautiful any time of year. I do really love all the snow this year, although my fellow Northern Minnesotans will think I am insane! 🙂 You must love your cabin!

  3. Looks like a Great place to be.

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