sunset with the swans

As I was photographing the sunset Sunday night, I heard Trumpeter Swans begin to call and knew they would be soon flying over the river. Impossible to get them in focus, I recomposed and included them blurr-ily flying by in this image.

Sunset is amazing and beautiful…never the same twice. People enter our lives and change them forever! Like the Trumpeter Swans in the image above, they aren’t always seen, but are there and appreciated.


2 Responses to “sunset with the swans”

  1. I can’t pinpoint the swans in it, but your photo of the sunset is gorgeous. While visiting family last summer I photographed a series of sunsets — night after night the sky was breathtaking, but always different. One of God’s gifts.

    • Sunsets are amazing and beautiful! We’ve had several colorful ones lately – it’s hard not to go out and photograph them all! The swans are just a blur on the right just under the river’s bend. They are amazing!! Glad that you stopped by, Carol!

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