here’s looking at you, kid

I’ve always thought that old dried out grasses peeking out of the fresh growing grass along the roadside are quite decorative. They’re curly and cute and a reminder of summers past. Now I realize they have a purpose too. Dragonflies love perching on them as much as our birds love perching on old dead tree branches. Here’s to making use of items you have lying around.


10 Responses to “here’s looking at you, kid”

  1. What a great picture.

  2. Think I heard that line in a movie once. 🙂

  3. An excellent perch! I like assorted grasses, too… both the wild and cultivated. They’re so graceful bending and blowing in the breezes.

    • I agree, Carol! Grasses really are graceful! I hadn’t fully appreciated that until I started taking my camera everywhere with me. I notice so much more now than I used to!

  4. Oh my! Instantly, shoulders relax, mind clears, corners of mouth tilt up at such beauty! What a beautiful eye you have. Thank you.

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