Everyone needs time to rest. Time to re-energize, relax and regroup. I was once the “Queen of Relaxation”. Other than work, there was really nothing I had to do.

Now, I have to take my valuable relaxation time and devote a part of it to improving my strength. Instead of bending and stretching, I’d rather photograph nature, or read a book.

But, I am learning about myself. And I am taking the time necessary to improve. And when I have the opportunity to be in nature, there is love and magic.

10 Responses to “rest”

  1. Nice picture. It has a haunting quality about it.

  2. Beautifully peaceful photo!

  3. The little flower is playing with its own shadow. 😀
    Relaxation is necessary for a tired soul and body. I guess I need some time to relax my fingers, too much practice, they are really sore now.

  4. this is photo is so incredibly, ridiculously wonderfully good. Thanks for sharing.

  5. happy friday!

    you are taking some great close-up photos! i did see your reply several posts back concerning collaboration :). you can write me at and we could correspond. i’m laid up with an abscessed tooth at the moment, but hope to be out and about soon.

    happy hiking!


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