wild turkey in the yard

The wild turkeys have been rummaging in the woods and yard! They walk, run, scratch the ground, and eat whatever they find. If I am outside, they go another way and I miss them. But when I am quiet in the house, sometimes they stop in the yard for a visit.
On one of these recent visits I not only saw them, but was able to take this photo. (He was behind some brush, so it is not the best photo; but, it is kind of fun!) And so, I present to you my wild turkey in the yard!

9 Responses to “wild turkey in the yard”

  1. You got a very good picture of the turkey

  2. Oh, the wild turkey has got a big mouth! I haven’t seen a wild turkey. He looks so strong, like a predator. 😀

  3. love the turkey photo series! the turkey track photos were a great idea.

    wasn’t it suggested ~ way back when~ that the turkey become our national bird?



    • Thank you, Julayne! I’m glad that you like the turkey photos! The tracks were just so fun, they were calling me to take their photo! 🙂

      You are correct! I believe it was Ben Franklin who wanted the turkey as our national bird!

  4. i think you’re right about ben franklin. it just so happens that richard is reading his autobiography. i’ll have to ask him if that’s mentioned.



  5. He looks right at home there.

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