turkey trot

Turkeys are fun to watch. They are both awkward and graceful simultaneously. And in the short time I have lived here, they have become one of my favorite birds.
They walk through our yard, scratching for food, while we are at work. Leaving only their tracks behind as notice that they were here. These tracks remind me of the little feet in diagrams illustrating dance steps, and so I consider this photo the “turkey trot,” also known as the dance of the Wild Turkey!


5 Responses to “turkey trot”

  1. This is cool. We have deer around a lot – we actually are in an urban area but we are near a green space and often I come home and find deer in the low bushes in front of the house or in my driveway. Sometimes they just stand there looking at me but it’s like they are camera shy because I rarely get a shot of them.

  2. Great observation! LOVED IT. 🙂

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