I have been in a fog the last few days, and not a figurative one. A weather phenomenon that did not let up for three days. Day and night…fog! Night and day…fog!
This morning…no fog! There is light snow – appropriate for December in Minnesota. There is wind – cold wind to remind us that it is in fact winter in Minnesota. And, there are peeks of blue sky – to remind us that there is joy even in winter!


4 Responses to “wind”

  1. What a great pictures, I can relate to this as I was just out in that wind and yes indeed it does remind us that it is winter in Minnesota.

    • So glad that you like the photo, Dorothy! The wind can get cold, but it’s nice to have it blow away all that fog! 🙂 It was good to see the blue sky too!

  2. This is beautiful…I haven’t stopped by your site in a while and it is always so good to stop in. LOVE the little snow drops falling on the screen! 🙂
    10 degrees…That’s COLD!! But how much fun this time of year. Snuggle up and enjoy it for me! 🙂

    • Hi, Monica! I am so glad you stopped by today! The falling snow is courtesy of WordPress…it’s really fun! As for the cold, that’s why I live where I do! I can’t help but LOVE IT! Thank you for taking time to comment! I truly appreciate it!

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