I’m intrigued by autumn and the changes in the woods. I love the crisp air in the morning! I love the fog over the river. I love the colors of leaves and the gradual changes they experience. I love that all the elements of the woods work together to create a beautiful autumn morning!


2 Responses to “maple”

  1. I really like this photo. The composition is wonderful. But also, I think you’ve gotten to the root of Fall, in that the leaf is deteriorating, and Autumn is about change, and things dying, although in the mostly gloriously beautiful way. !

    You description was terrific!

    • Thank you, Katie, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! You are so right! Autumn is change, something that we are constantly doing, but also fighting against. Sometimes we need to remember how glorious change is! I’m so glad you stopped by! Thank you!

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