life’s web

Looking at the spider’s web, I am reminded of life.

It speaks of the inter-connectivity of life.  How one life interacts with, changes, and is changed by another’s life.

It speaks of the delicate balance of life.  The spider must carefully choose the location for its web, if it chooses unwisely, it will starve or the web will be destroyed.

It speaks of the fragility of life.  When we fail to enjoy the present, we live on the edge of sadness.

And it speaks of the essence of being.  This web’s architect is true to its call.  It creates webs because it is meant to.  It doesn’t worry what others think of its web, but we as others are able to appreciate its craft.  And when this web is destroyed, it will build again.

4 Responses to “life’s web”

  1. Excellent work 🙂 great photo !

    • Thank you, Emad! I am so glad you commented. I was able to view your blog and it is amazing! Great photos, lovely words!
      And, sincerely, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting!


  2. The web of Life

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