evening visitors

It’s relaxing and refreshing for me to take a short walk in the evening after work.  It helps me put all the day’s events and frustrations into perspective.  It can’t matter too much that someone was annoyed with me, when there are so many different birds and flowers grabbing my attention.  And I can’t be that hard to get along with, when the dragonflies land on my shoulder as I stoop to take a picture!  

During three recent after work walks, I’ve looked up from my photo taking to see these two watching me!  A mother deer and her fawn, still small and spotted.  I enjoy their appearances and am grateful that I had the sense to raise the camera and snap this picture!


6 Responses to “evening visitors”

  1. That’s a beautiful photo and a beautiful post!

  2. Look at that road! It looks like you are living in what my family would consider to be paradise – someplace nice and quiet out where there is more nature than development!

    • It is an extraordinary place to live! It is usually quiet, especially in the winter! 🙂 I really do love living here with nature! Thank you so much for commenting!

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