cedar waxwing

I am in awe of the coincidences in life.  How one seemingly insignificant decision has consequences that resonate throughout my life.  How the decision to step outside resulted in witnessing a flock of Cedar Waxwing birds fly into the woods and produced this photo!  And though the photo does not fully portray the event, I am thankful to have experienced it!


7 Responses to “cedar waxwing”

  1. My husband saw this picture and commenting on what interesting birds these are. (Have I mentioned that he used to be into bird watching or “birding” as he calls it, when he was young?) He says that cedar waxwings make an interesting sound. I like this picture and I love that you so appreciate what you get to see each day!

    • How cool that your husband was interested in birds. They really do make the most interesting sound…especially a whole flock of them descending on the woods! They are very fun! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. He/she looks both majestic AND cute! You capture the best stuff!

  3. What a really nice bird, I wish I could hear the sound they make you are lucky to be able to hear them so close to your home.

  4. Sitting Tall and Proud

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