the sparrow

Being in the woods, we see a variety of birds.  Beautiful, colorful birds.  Plain, ordinary birds.  Birds are like people.  We often give attention to the bold and stunning birds.  The birds that fly in for a short time with their beautiful colors and loud calls.  Plain birds have their own gifts.  The robin has a beautiful call.  This fun little sparrow hopped around, scratching for food and was not disturbed at my presence.  Its comfort with me created an opportunity to capture its image and always remember my hour with the sparrow.

3 Responses to “the sparrow”

  1. I like this post! Not just the picture, but the writing with it!

    • Thank you, Jessie!
      I love being able to just enjoy nature and when something really cool happens, it makes it that much better! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  2. He looks right where he belongs.

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