the loon

The call of the loon has been described as wild, majestic and free.  Usually, I know a loon is near because of that call.  Numerous times I have heard a loon, but have not seen it.  Yesterday, I had the opposite experience.  I was walking through the woods, when I noticed a bird floating on the river.  It had the shape of a loon, but it was quiet.  Could it really be a loon?  I brought the camera up to my eye and focused on it.  It was a loon!  Here I share this loon with you.  In the forty-five minutes that I watched it, it never once made a sound.  I am so glad I was out enjoying the woods.  You never know what surprises nature had in store for you.


6 Responses to “the loon”

  1. Neat! I’ve seen one ‘in person’ (or ‘in loon’) before…

  2. What a wonderful picture!!

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