spring melt

Ice is melting off the river and hovers above the water’s surface.  From the shapes of the ice to the ice encircling a rock to the reflections of trees on the river, the process of ice becoming a flowing river creates its own simple beauty.


8 Responses to “spring melt”

  1. So glad that spring is on the way! Bye bye ice – hello flowing river!

    • It is nice to see the water again! I love that photos will have river water in them, and that water can add different qualities to the photo depending on the situation! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Christine!

  2. i cant wait for things to melt here !!! it was still snowing yesterday!!

  3. happy spring!

    i love this photo! there is so much to see if you look closely.



    • Hi, Julayne! I hope you are doing well! Really, the biggest change photography has made in my live is that I notice the things around me! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I love hearing your thoughts!

    • Thank you, Jessie! I took it while enjoying a nice walk with my husband on a cool spring evening! Just looking at it helps me remember so much about that evening and how enjoyable it was! Glad you like the photo too! 🙂

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