leaves and sunlight

These little branches poke through the snow causing me to remember when this was a blanket of green, not white.  Everyone I talk with is dreaming of summer.  I am, I confess, still in love with winter, snow, and taking pictures like this.  The ability to grab my camera, run outside and take pictures has caused me to live in and appreciate the present moment.  I look forward to the future, but am happy and alive in the here and now.


9 Responses to “leaves and sunlight”

  1. I love your photos! Fun for us here in Hawaii to see pictures of the snow. It makes us all dreamy. We will visit more!

  2. Really nice picture, it almost makes me like Winter.

  3. What a wonderful picture, it almost makes me like Winter

  4. Simply Beautiful……..

  5. Your photos really capture the simple grace present in the natural world. Another good one 🙂

    • Thank you, Christine! I really appreciate the comment. I am trying to notice and respond to what the world presents me with. It’s definitely satisfying to be appreciative of what the universe gives me!

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