Cedar Wax Wing

cedar waxwing

Yesterday, as I sat in the woods attempting to read but actually watching nature, I saw a few Cedar Waxwings, and then a few more.  My past experience with Cedar Waxwings has always been a flock flying in, eating in a frenzy and then flying away.  This visit was different.  They did eat voraciously, but they were more calm than on past visits.  They sat and stayed for a while.

I did not have my camera with at the time, and in the past I would have been upset at missing the great photo opportunity.  I was not upset, however.  I was appreciative of the experience I’d had.  Later with my camera, I was privileged to witness a second visit of Cedar Waxwings.  This photo is from their second visit.

I’ve begun to realize that life is an amalgamation of all of our experiences.  We can fill our lives with wishing for different experiences or we can fill our lives with real, authentic experiences.  Each of us has the choice to decide how we will live our lives.  Hopefully, we will choose wisely.